Bombs Away!

Last week I did a Facebook live discussing pH. During the live I spoke about several things and products and one of them was the BATH BOMB! I am sure you all know what a bath bomb is and how it works when exposed to water. But if you do not let me explain and answer a few questions that you all have sent in to me.

Most bath bombs are a mixture of baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, cornstarch (arrow root powder) fragrance, colorant, a hint of water and sometimes botanical additives. There are some that contain harmful ingredients such as slsa, synthetics, etc.

Bath bombs often offer aromatherapy and a spa like feel to your bath. Our bath bombs are similar in those area however, we have formulated ours to go above and beyond your typical ordinary store bought bombs.

JAK's Luxury Bath Bombs are just that....LUXURY! They offer 7 key essentials to improve not only your bath but your skin and body as well. I have listed the 7 benefits of our bath bombs:

  1. They contain skin softening agents and minerals to promote healthy skin.

  2. It allows the skin to retain much needed moisture to ensure adequate hydration.

  3. The combination of the various salts works to soothe aches and muscle soreness.

  4. Packed with high quality premium oils and butters leaves your skin soft, smooth, and ultra moisturized.

  5. For women, they keep the vagina from becoming too alkaline (as we discussed in the live)

  6. They do provide a spa quality experience by adding soothing colors and enhancing your overall mood.

  7. With each of the essential oil blends they all give a therapeutic aroma to promote relaxation and restoration.

As you can see our bombs are truly the BOMB LOL. We believe that any product you use should add value to you. It should do more than look pretty and smell good. Products that do not offer benefits are just a waste of money and can potentially cause skin problems.

In video below you can see how bath bombs perform once it is exposed to water. It fizzes releasing all the good benefits you should have when using them. If you look and watch closely you will see how the oils fizz out of the bomb and into the water.

Y'all know I absolutely love bath time. It is my own personal little get away from everyone and everything. I feel more relaxed, and rejuvenated. Our bath bombs are created to make you feel good and sexy in your own skin, even if you have on a night gown and a bonnet! I want you to feel special and pampered even if only for a bath!


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