Home School......YIKES!

Oh boy! As the school year start draws closer I must admit my anxiety level is through the roof! My husband and I decided it would be best for our family if our children withdrew from traditional brick and mortar to and all virtual learning environment. Sound okay right? Well we have 3 children in different grade levels one of which has an IEP.

I have always admired teachers and educators for having the ability to teach children for 8 hours a day. I know what a handful my kids are. I am definitely not one of those parents who become blind when the teachers say one of them was acting up. LOL I am very aware. But here is the thing.....I am not a teacher. Yes I know my children best but I'm sure you have heard the words "children perform and act different around different people". Well I know Jalen (6 soon to be 7) is a total mommy's boy. He also has an IEP and needs special assistance in learning. Will I be able to facilitate well enough? Will he thrive? This is so far away from my expertise. Kay'Leigh and Ashod is very self sufficient and will only require guidance and coaching.

I know that there will be support for him and myself to get through this but it is still a little scary to take on such an essential task. I have always been the voice of all of my children especially for Jalen. Teachers and administrators were on our team not us becoming apart of theirs. As parents we are responsible for our children in every way and we try our very best to keep mistakes to a minimum. It is our job to be educators. We are about to get an up close and personal experience on what it is going to take to ensure our children are properly educated, and learn what is expected.

I think I need to brush up on a few subjects while I still have time LOL. Ashod will be taking geometry and algebra II this year and Lord knows I have been out of school for......well let's just say for some years LOL. I have always hated fractions! They are truly my weakness. But we have a village! There are so many educators, family members, and friends if called on will come to help if needed. But my heart breaks for those babies out there that does not have that support or those involved parents. When the pandemic took out the schools my sister and I was talking and she made me think about all of those children who came to school for more than an education but for a place of safety, a get away from something awful, hot meals, etc. If I could and had the means I would take as many of them as I could.

This school year will be challenging. But there is a beautiful amazing side to all of this, we will now be truly hands on and 10x more involved in the total development of our babies. During this time we will learn more about them and how their brains work. It is going to be truly amazing to see those light bulbs go off when a concept is learned and understood. We get to cheer for them and have fun while they are learning. This is the time we get to fully shape them now more than ever. OMG! And the field trips we can take them on. This is the exciting part!

What are your plans for the school year? I want to hear it! There is no right or wrong choice. It is what is best for your children and household. I hope everyone has an amazing and productive school year. JAK's Learning Center is in full swing LOL


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