Imitation is the absolute best of flattery...........sometimes!

With anything that you do in life, whether it is starting a business, your own personal style, or even and idea, there is always going to be someone who wants to "do it too". Some might even think or feel that they can do it better than you, but what they fail to realize the it is "YOU" that makes the distinction. For instance, there are a lot of natural skincare companies that have been around for years and many that have come along. Some by filling a need and others......well lets just say they were and are inspired by what has and is being done in the skincare world. I was never into skincare other than making sure I was clean and smelled nice. It wasn't until my children came along with very specific skincare needs that I started my business. After being in business going on four years I have notice that more people especially people I know are venturing into the natural skincare business. Are they filling a need or demand? or just "imitating"?

I can only speak for myself and how I started my business. Being in retail for over 18 years, gave me the foundation for running a business, paying attention to the small details and most of all customer service. I am sure that I make it look very easy to someone on the outside looking in but trust me it is extremely hard. Not just the physical labor but the mental aspect. Starting a business is never easy and I am sure it is even harder when you are trying to emulate what someone else is doing. You do not realize the tears, sweat and long days a person has when they are running a business.

Skincare manufacturers have made it some what easy for a start up. They provide you with all the products and labeling and even branding. That maybe the route that works best for some people. For me, my passion is developing. I love creating and developing products and have even became a manufacture for few entrepreneurs. Whereas large manufacturers just randomly create for anyone that can pay. I personally only manufacture products that does not align with my skincare business. It just doesn't make sense to me to create a competitors brand LOL.

JAK's was created and is designed to aid in the fight against common skin conditions while providing a spa experience in the privacy of your own home. What set's us apart from everyone else is ME! I know I know that sounds bad but it's true. The passion, love, and knowledge that I have others do not. Some just throw ingredients together, make them smell good and call it natural and or skincare. There are a lot of imitators out there so be wise and choose the one that actually does the work. Some advertise "handmade" but if they are getting it from elsewhere they cannot be sure if they are representing a pure natural handmade product. I control the quality and that is highly important because I can ensure that every product I produce and sell to my customers is perfectly made.

Anyone can buy sea salt add some essential oils and call it a bath salt LOL! But what are your additives?, What is the benefit? Did you do the work or just put your name on it? All of these are important factors especially for the consumer. So if you are out there imitating be sure that you are protecting yourself as well as the customers.


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