It's Okay to Take a Break

We are all trying to navigate these uncertain times. The way we live and see the world right now can be pretty overwhelming. OMG! and let's not forget if you have children becoming their sole educator is scary within itself if you ask me. Between balancing three children at three different grade levels who all require a different level of supervision, working, household duties, and CLEANING, we need a break and that is perfectly okay.\

We have to remind ourselves that we need to take care of ourselves in order to juggle everything that is on our plate. We have to ensure that we are not just in good physical health but mentally as well. Taking time out each day, even if it is for 20-30 mins, just to relax, focus, and rejuvenate ourselves. Meditation, prayer, or just silence can work wonders. You have to do whatever you see fit in order to ensure your healthy state.

COVID 19 is a very serious scary virus, but I like to find the good. During this pandemic we have had more time at home with our family, more involved with our children, and learning more about what we like to do. We get caught up in the day to day barely and rarely stopping to actually find out what is it that we like. When I initially asked the question to myself all I could think of was being with my family, or running my business. But what do "I" like? Ask yourself what is it that you like doing with just you. When we start being able to answer, those are the things that you can do during your break to give you a sense of self. Quarantine has reminded me of hobbies and things I love to do.

When I need a break I can read, take a hot bath, or make something creative. Do not feel guilty about needing you time. We all need and deserve just a moment to ourselves. I know that may not seem possible depending on your situation and lifestyle. But I encourage you to reach out to someone, find an outlet, or turn on some music and dance in your underwear. But whatever you do just do you!

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