Next Generation...........The Dawn of The Millionaires!

OMG!!!!! Something amazing is happening in the midst of all this chaos. There is a number of things going on right now in the world, and let's be honest, it isn't all that great. Because of business I am always online in some shape form or fashion. Our generation is great (LOL) we are producing some of the strongest, brightest minds the world has yet to see.

Our babies, those little sweet babies who was just being held in our arms are proving to be the world changers. They are not looking for jobs, they are CREATING them! Children of all ages are becoming entrepreneurs, CEOs, small business owners even before they are able to drive! We are raising our children to know and understand that the sky is the limit and they can do anything.

Parents, what an outstanding job! We are the cheerleaders, the believers, the support system. As long as we continue to pour into our babies and support them that will be all they need to succeed. It fills me up to see these kids building from scratch with their own ideas, drive and determination. It is our duty and job to ensure we are uplifting them. Not just our children but others as well. It takes a village! The world has become a cruel place and a scary place to raise children in, so we must band together as a unit to ensure they are protected and know that we are here.

As a small business owner myself I not only shop with these tiny CEOs but sew a seed into them. I give what I can. It is not about if they have money or not, or if their family has money or not. It is about sewing the seed to let them know that there is people out here waiting on their greatness, cheering for them, and supporting them. All successful businesses are only successful based off of the support they get. Again I say it takes a village!

So next time you come across a Tiny CEO, sew your seed (knowledge, encouragement, a purchase, or donation)

Be on the look out for more information on some awesome Tiny CEOs , what they are doing, and how we, the village can help!

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