Pool Time Skin Regimen Customized for Children

Chlorine is drying baby girl’s skin out!!!! So here is her daily routine which of course I’m helping her with (she is only 8.) Some of our products we are using have been customized just for her due to her age (skin age), skin type and need.

Dry patches, flaky skin

1. Cleans face using Soothing Complexion bar ( used a soft brush to work in the soap)

2. We rinsed and applied Herbal Hibiscus Face mask. * mask was customized by removing clays & adding a little honey. 3. Rinsed the mask with warm water and went in with the Tumeric and Honey Complexion Defining Facial scrub. (It was customized by removing the sugar and replacing with brown sugar & oatmeal) * sugar is too abrasive for younger softer skin* 4. Rinsed the scrub off with warm water, pat dry and topped it off with the Moisturizing Face Cream. Last picture shows soft, hydrated, nourished skin. * This will be her regimen throughout the summer. This was after only one day in the pool!! Chlorine is very drying and damaging to the skin. Those with hypersensitive, eczema, and even psoriasis, chlorine can be really damaging to your skin. A really good skincare regimen will not only repair damaged skin but if done daily can help prevent!!!!! ****Kay’Leigh said next time she will let me do a video lol 🤣🤣

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