School Shootings, how do we move forward in keeping our irreplaceable children safe?

With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, we watched the aftermath and heart breaks of families who lost their children and loved ones in a tragic school shooting. This isn't the first shooting at a school in our history. While everyone ponders what is the right path to take to insure that this never happens again, parents and students around the country are worrying daily as we send our children to a place we thought was safe.

There are many ways of looking at how to prevent but I think we should analyze what lead these kids to walk into a school and open fire in order to even formulate a solution. Changing and or implementing a gun reform/law is a possible solution but being that the constitution states we have the right to bare arms this will seem to be tricky. Having teachers carry weapons is dangerous. Not only would they have to be trained but what if a student got their hands on it, then what? These kids arent going in to stores purchasing these weapons. They are getting them from home, friends, and or a family member majority of the time. I think one major step in the right direction would be for us as parents who own fire arms be more secure. We need to pay attention to our children and keep the guns under lock and key where they are unable to access the guns. This would be one way of aiding in the fight.

Remember when it took a village to raise a child? Now days people get offended when some one disciplines their children. I am guilty of this at times. I am very protective of my children and who speaks and redirects their behavior. I know that I can not remain this way because sometimes people can see things in your children that you are blind to and may not want to see. We have to find a way to find a way to reach our children, help our children, fight for our children and save our children.

I can't imagine what I would feel as a mother if one of my children decided to commit such an awful act. It would make me feel like a failure, like I didn't pay attention. Who failed this young man? There are so many elements and pieces to situations like this. You have to look at mental illness, abuse, up bringing, etc. I always say that the world is ever changing, but the direction our country is headed in is alarming. Senseless acts of murder, bullying causing children to commit suicide, mass shootings in schools, and churches, and racial issues becoming more prominent are just a few reasons that raising children today is alarming and scary.

I ask, where is the village? Who is the village?

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