The First day!

Well well well! Today is the first day of school for many of our babies. But unlike past first days this year is very different for a lot of us. If you chose virtual learning like we did then you will definitely understand. We got up this morning and prepared for school like we have done many mornings, but today instead of getting on the bus or packing in the car we headed downstairs to our in home learning academy.

I'm not going to lie I was overwhelmed and extremely nervous about how I was going to make sure they were prepared but more so if I would be ready. I planned, and did a lot of prep work. I had to find a groove that worked for their schedules and mine as well. I am blessed to have my own business so moving my schedule around was pretty easy. No two children have the same schedule and having 3 children one of which has an IEP organization is a crucial part in how we make it work.

In the above picture this is our "Brown Squad Academy" LOL. On Saturdays I login and make sure all work for the week was completed, attendance logged and check any missed emails. Sunday evenings is my prep time for the upcoming week. I go through each child's learning plan for the week, print out needed material, and ensure that their binders are in order. Binders & dividers (with pockets) are my best friend!!

This is Kay'Leigh's notebook. Of course we have everything divided by subject. We use the pockets for work that needs to be completed for the current week. If more than one assignment is due it is placed in the pocket in order of completion date. On the front is her weekly schedule of assignments which includes her online sessions and work that has to be done in the online learning system. As she completes and turn in assignments we check them off on the weekly calendar. Each child has this set up which makes it easy for them to know what they need to do and what has already been completed. At the end of the week I go in and check to make sure that everything we checked off has been submitted.

Our learning space has taken over our dinning room LOL. With COVID 19 we wont be hosting any dinners so this was the perfect space for us. Again, organization is going to be crucial for many of us. I hope that each child has an amazing school year. It is different and new for all of us. Cherish this time with your babies and be amazed as you watch their little minds expand and develop. There are a lot of parents who wish they had the opportunity to be home with their children so please take advantage of this priceless time.

We want to hear from you!!!!! Let us know how school is going. what was the first day like, and or share your setup for virtual learning with us! We are all in this together!

Have a safe and productive school year JAK's family!

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