Valentines Day Reflections

Yesterday we celebrated those near and dear to our hearts and showered them with love. In doing this I was reminded of what happened on that very day just 1 year ago that would change and shape my life and those I love the most forever.

February 14, 2020, I sat in Cafe Struddle and signed my name on my brick and mortar. The pandemic hadn't hit yet so this day was very special indeed. In just 1 month everything I had worked so hard for was facing its end before it had a chance to begin. I was nervous, panicked and afraid. What have I done? What have I subjected my family to? Either way I now had this space and it was no turning back.

But LOVE was, and still is being shown. It is because of the love my family and friends have for me that even through a pandemic my store still stands. It is because of the love and loyalty of my dear clients and customers that my building and my store still stands. And ultimately it is God's love that keeps me strong and has kept me strong even on the darkest of days.

I am honored and humbled to be loved in this magnitude. As my business grows and develop, I will forever be reminded how love carried us through a massive world wide pandemic and how after the storm we still stand. I am forever grateful for each and every supporter, shopper, and even the doubters.

So I take this time to say thank you for showing us love 💘

- T. Brown & JAK's Essentials

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